Corangamite Rural Women’s Network

The Corangamite Rural Women’s Network is an informal group of local women from the Corangamite region who volunteer to be involved in the planning and delivery of activities to enhance community resilience by increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of rural women.

Feedback from Landcare events has shown that a lack of confidence can be a barrier to women’s involvement in agriculture. The feedback has also demonstrated that women are very willing to learn and that they often have greater knowledge than they give themselves credit for. With increased confidence women can provide another perspective on farm business planning and efficiencies and help make important decisions.

The networks events are tailored to address the interest and needs of women based on participants feedback. Topics have included developing communication skills for farm succession planning, regenerative farming, integrated pest management, livestock production, soils and climate change, pasture management, personal and rural community resilience, rural health and farmer nutrition.

Since 2015 when the network first began hosting events, there have been over 250 local women participate in activities. Event feedback collected from participants has been positive, and has shown that up to 50% of women attending network activities have not previously been involved in Landcare.

A Corangamite Rural Women’s forum “Connect, Share, Learn, Inspire” will feature all local women speakers and will be held at the historic Barwon Park Mansion at Winchelsea on Friday 15 March 2019. The day will commence @ 9am and conclude at 3pm with afternoon high tea. The program and registrations details will be finalized and made available in mid January 2019. To register CLICK HERE.

The Corangamite region includes Ballarat, Geelong and the Bellarine peninsula, along the Great Ocean Road to Peterborough and the Otway’s. Click here to view a Corangamite region map.

corangamite rural women's forum flyer page 1 logosv2

The Corangamite Rural Women’s Network is facilitated by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authorities Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator. For inquires please contact Karen O’Keefe on (03) 52 329 100

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