Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles- 2018


Male and Female junior category winners at the presentation ceremony

This the Corangamite CMA once again sponsored the male and female junior categories at the Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles held at Bells Beach. The sponsorship is part of a unique partnership between the Corangamite CMA and the state surfing body, Surfing Victoria, to strengthen coastal community and environment connections.

The partnership has also delivered a number of other initiatives including “Adopt a break” were local Boardrider Groups are able to access support through the Corangamite Coastal Small Grants to undertake activities such as planting out native seedlings, weed control, brush matting and light maintenance works at their local surfing area.

And the “get your hands dirty!” initiative, providing spectators, sponsors and other interested individuals with the opportunity to undertake activities such as planting out native seedlings and weed control at (or close by) location specific surfing events.

To find out more about the partnership check out the neat video below.

This video doesn’t exist


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