Curdies and Gellibrand Estuary Management Plans

The Corangamite CMA has prepared Estuary Management Plans (EMPs) for two iconic estuaries in the region’s southwest – the Curdies and Gellibrand. Through a collaborative process and with the support of a working Group of stakeholders that included agency representatives and local landholders, the management plans are now ready for implementation.

20171211_Curdies EMP_Jackie Scally.png

The EMPs identify future management activities to maintain or improve the environmental condition of the estuaries with the intent of supporting healthy ecosystems and long-term sustainable use.

It is intended that the EMPs will be used to seek funding, strengthen coordination among stakeholders responsible for estuary management and increase community understanding and appreciation for the natural values of the estuaries.

The Corangamite CMA led the development of the EMPs however, it is fundamental that we all work together to protect and enhance these unique ecosystems to ensure the goals and objectives detailed in the EMPs are achieved.

Electronic copies of each EMP are available on the Corangamite CMA website and Knowledge Base. For further information, please contact Jaclyne Scally at or (03) 52329100.

20171211_Gelli EMP_Jackie Scally.png


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