Little Creatures collect river water samples

As a fun way to celebrate Saint Arnold’s day, the patron saint of hop-pickers and brewers, Little Creatures brewers volunteered to collect river water samples from the Barwon River and local waterways near Geelong. These water samples were tested by the brewers for pH, salinity, turbidity and phosphorus content and entered into the Waterwatch online data portal.

The Little Creatures Geelong plant will commence monthly water sampling of the Barwon River near the brewery as part of their ongoing volunteer effort and commitment to local community.

Little Creatures head brewer Warren Pawsey said “Our brewery is located 400m from the Barwon River. In fact whenever it rains our stormwater, along with our neighbours, flows into the river, that’s why we’ve teamed up with CCMA to ensure we can do our bit to help protect and restore what’s right at our doorstep”.

To view the Corangamite region’s water quality data, visit the Waterwatch Victoria website at

Little Creatures Waterwatch training

Deirdre Murphy, Corangamite Waterwatch Coordinator presents to Little Creatures staff.

Little Creatures Waterwatch training

Little Creatures staff put their new skills to the test, identifying waterbugs found in the Barwon River.

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