Environmental Water Tour

On a sunny winter’s day, the Corangamite CMA hosted the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) for an environmental water based tour of the region.

The tour was a great opportunity for each organisation to catch-up and discuss future management of environmental water within the Corangamite region as well as discuss business needs.

Moorabool River at Dog Rocks by Andrew Sharpe IMG_0143.JPG

Corangamite CMA and VEWH staff visiting the Moorabool River near Batesford. Photo: Andrew Shapre

The day included a tour of the West Barwon Reservoir and Moorabool River with discussions focusing on their future partnership in managing a new environmental water entitlement for the Upper Barwon River that will be held at West Barwon Reservoir in Forest.

Outlet to Barwon River from West Barwon Reservoir by Andrew Sharpe IMG_0106.JPG

The outlet from the West Barwon Reservoir. Photo: Andrew Sharpe

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