Hooray! We launch the new Corangamite Flood Portal

CCMA Portal

A screenshot of the new Corangamite Flood Portal


Flooding.    Floodplains.    Works on Waterways.    Flood-prone.

These words aren’t commonplace in the average everyday vocabulary.

However, if you’ve recently decided to build a home extension, you’ve found your ‘dream home’, or you’ve experienced some flooding and want to find out your property’s potential flood risk from riverine or coastal flooding (including sea level rise scenarios) – you just may have come across some of the above words.

Don’t be alarmed! Instead, head over to the new Corangamite Flood Portal and all will be explained.

Ballarat 1991 flood photo

Flooding on the corner of Greenville and Field Street, Ballarat, Dec 1991

The Corangamite Flood Portal is an online webpage which provides information about flooding in your region or on your property, emergency flood information, helpful resources and much more.

Have your say – Corangamite Regional Floodplain Management Strategy

While you’re there, we’d love to hear your experiences with flooding in your region.

Since the 2010-11 floods, work has been done to improve flood mapping, flood warning systems and community flood awareness for individual towns, but as a region there is still work to be done.

The Corangamite CMA is coordinating the development of the Corangamite Regional Floodplain Management Strategy in collaboration with local governments and VicSES. This strategy will set out the direction for floodplain management in the Corangamite region.

Breakwater bridge flood photo

Flooding at the Breakwater Bridge in Geelong, September 2016

So get involved and help shape the future of our important floodplains.

You can find out more information about the strategy and provide comment on the flood data contained within the portal by following the link to the Regional Floodplain Strategy.



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