Learning How to Care For An Ancient Landscape

The latest research findings on the Victorian Volcanic Plains was the focus of a conference hosted by the Corangamite CMA at Federation University on the 21st June. This ‘Research and Development forum’ was part of the the Plains Tender Program.

Researchers from Deakin University Australia, La Trobe University, Federation University Australia, Monash University and the Nature Glenelg Trust presented on the day to a captivated audience.

Talks covered a variety of fascinating topics including threatened species management, wetland restoration, geology and indigenous archaeology. 70 people attended on the day including local landholders, community members, local and state government, researchers, natural resource managers, students and members of local environment groups. A number of short films were also shown throughout the day highlighting the incredible work done by local landholders involved in the Corangamite CMA Plains Tender program. Click here or here for more blog posts on these films.

Plains Tender is a conservation incentive program funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and coordinated by the Corangamite CMA. The program supports private land managers to undertake works to conserve and protect indigenous vegetation across the Victorian Volcanic Plains.

vvp r d forum

Research and Development Forum speakers from left Adam Miller (Deakin University Australia), Neville Rosengren (Latrobe University), Lauren Veale (Nature Glenelg Trust), Michelle Casanova (Federation University Australia), Ian McNiven (Monash University)

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