Landing refurbishment a rowing success


Corangamite CMA Chair Alice Knight insepcts the refurbished landing with members of the Geelong rowing fraternity.

Geelong’s rowing community now have a great looking new rowing platform on the Barwon River. The rowing landing replacement completed earlier this year will improve river access for Geelong’s 1000-strong member rowing community, thousands of rowing regatta competitors, canoe club members and other river users.


Phil Ryan, President of Rowing Geelong enjoying the benefits of the new rowing landing on the Barwon River

Rowing Geelong’s Peter Aberle said “The facility upgrade partnership (between the CCMA & Rowing Geelong) fosters a feeling of responsibility and ownership towards the river. The people on the water are keen to look after the waterway.”

“The Barwon is one of the best rowing facilities in the world, the water condition is second to none. It’s also great from a spectators’ perspective and other visitors.“

The Victorian Government, Corangamite CMA, City of Greater Geelong and Rowing Geelong jointly funded the $850,000 upgrade of the rowing landing.


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