2000 people show that they care where their food and fibre comes from


Brett from the Corangamite CMA gets into the spirit of things at the Otway Food and Fibre Showcase, and dresses up as ‘Motley’ – a soil profile on legs!

On Saturday the 30th April over 2000 people, 50 producers, 14 guest presenters and Costa Georgiadis turned out to show their interest and support for local producers at the 2017 Otway Food and Fibre Showcase. What a turn out!

The day was hosted by the Central Otway Landcare Network and led by local Landcare Coordinator Andy Gray in honour of Eat Local Month. Andy said “Today, people care about where their food and fibre comes from, and are driving demand for accessible locally grown options that contribute to health, and benefit community, the local economy and our environment.”


Kristen and Karen from the Corangamite CMA at the Landcare stand at the Otway Food and Fibre Showcase

Many farmers in the Otways are value adding to their product and building one-on-one relationships with customers. Bringing all the producers together at the Showcase allowed Landcare to celebrate their contribution to an ecologically sustainable, just, accessible, community-based local food and fibre system.

On the day people were able to see where their food comes from, how it is produced and make the connection between food, community, environment and personal health. Being mid-Autumn people enjoyed a selection of the some of the best Otway grown produce including olives, cheeses, native bush foods, fruits and vegetables, honey, meat, smallgoods, wines and other brewed delights


Costa Georgiadis of ABC’s Gardening Australia fame giving a demonstration at the Otway Food and Fibre Showcase

The day also featured demonstrations and workshops around the theme of small holding skills like building soil and compost, bee keeping, poultry management, regenerative farming, the lifecycle of wool, native bush foods, truffle sniffer dog trials, shearing and creative kids food and fibre activities.

So many wonderful people supported the day – including the Corangamite CMA and the Regional, Victorian and National Landcare Programs and the www.farmwalker.com film makers, who volunteered to create the following short video.

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