Little Wild Kids River Walk


On Friday 28th April, Corangamite CMA staff hosted a ‘Little Wild Kids River Walk’ for a bunch of very enthusiastic pre-schoolers and their parents and carers at the Curdies River Estuary in Peterborough.

The kids arrived clean and dry and didn’t know very much about the estuary. When they left they were muddy, sandy and had heads full of new information about what an interesting ‘wild’ place the Curdies Estuary is. A highlight were the wriggly eels that local fisherman Zac showed us!

Jorja McKinnon, a science educator did a great job of leading the kids in exploring the estuary and she shared with parents and carers the value of combining informal education in nature with formal education at childcare and kinder.


Corangamite CMA officers Jason Burgoyne and Gene Gardiner spent time with the adults detailing some of the works the Corangamite CMA have undertaken in the region and showcasing the citizen science  EstuaryWatch program, which operates on the Curdies Estuary.



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